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City West Cycle-Link

The City West Cycle-Link is a proposal for a new cycling facility that would provide a grade-separated connection between Charles St at Lilyfield and the Anzac Bridge cycleway at White Bay. As proposed, the City West Cycle-Link does not require the use of the rail formation through the Lilyfield rail cutting.



Revision 3 of the proposal includes a cycleway passing under the City West Link Road, running from James St in the west, to Balmain Road in the east. From there, a grade-separated cycleway through the Rozelle Rail Lands would bypass Lilyfield Road and provide a fast, direct link to the Anzac Bridge Cycleway at White Bay.

The proposal can be downloaded here, and a larger view of the concept plan can be downloaded here.

An overview of Revision 2 of the proposal can be viewed here, and a larger view of the concept plan can be viewed here.

There are a number of benefits to the City West Cycle-Link for Inner West bike riders. The facility would:

  1. Provide an at-grade cycleway through the Lilyfield rail cutting, adjacent to the rail formation, from Charles St in the west to Catherine St in the east, that would pass under the City West Link Road;
  2. Integrate with the Leichhardt North light rail stop (adjacent to James St), increasing the flow of people in the vicinity of the stop, and thereby enhancing the sense of safety of light rail commuters;
  3. Retain the twin track rail formation for light rail services, thereby maximising operational flexibility and service capacity;
  4. Allow bike riders to bypass the climb up Lilyfield Rd between Hawthorne Canal and James St;
  5. Connect with and extend the cycling route proposed as part of the GreenWay, allowing for a grade separated route connecting Dulwich Hill with the CBD and beyond;
  6. Provide a high quality, grade-separated alternative to Lilyfield Rd by creating a comparatively flat and direct connection to the Anzac Bridge cycleway at White Bay via the Lilyfield rail cutting and the Rozelle rail lands. This cycleway would pass under Victoria Rd and provide connections to local streets;
  7. Reduce travel times for Inner West bike riders commuting to and from the City of Sydney, and beyond, via the Anzac Bridge cycleway;
  8. Increase cycling usage by encouraging bike riders who are not comfortable riding on the road to use a properly grade separated facility.

In order for the benefits to bike riders and the community to be realised, the engineering works for the section of the City West Cycle Link that passes through the Lilyfield Rail Cutting need to be completed before the light rail extension from Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill begins operations. Once the light rail services have begun, the risk of service disruption, coupled with the short time windows in which construction could occur would make it impractical to attempt construction of the City West Cycle-Link as suggested.

Therefore, in order for the cycleway to be built, engineering works associated with the two projects must be coordinated, so that construction of the cycleway and remediation of the rail track, wiring and signalling occur at the same time. As a consequence, while construction of the cycleway east of the cutting towards White Bay would not need to have been completed, or even started by the time light rail services begin operating beyond Lilyfield, all construction works related to the section of the cycleway through the length of the rail cutting will need to have been completed.

Update - 27 April 2011

EcoTransit Sydney is joining with bicycle groups and local councils to advance the City West Cycle Link.

Bike Sydney and Bicycle NSW have joined with EcoTransit Sydney in advocating for construction of the City West Cycle Link. The proposal has also received the support of Leichhardt Council and the City of Sydney. The councils have written to the Minister for Transport seeking a meeting to discuss the proposal.

A flyer has been prepared summarising the background to the proposal. It can be downloaded here.

As noted in the flyer, the project needs your support if it's to become a reality. Please take the time to write or email the Minister for Transport:

Ms Gladys Berejiklian, MP
Minister for Transport
Level 35 Governor Macquarie Tower
1 Farrer Place

and write or email the Minister for Roads

The Hon. Duncan Gay, MLC
Minister for Roads
Level 35 Governor Macquarie Tower
1 Farrer Place
Sydney NSW 2000

and let them know that you want the City West Cycle-Link to be built as part of the Inner West Light Rail Extension and GreenWay project.

If you live in the Drummoyne, Leichhardt, Marrickville and Sydney electorates, please write to your state MP and let them know that you support building the City West Cycle-Link.