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Reports and Submissions

EcoTransit Sydney calls upon the expertise of our membership to address important transport and planning issues. Often these are responses to state government inquiries or reviews, at other times our members produce material on issues that are not yet on the government agenda.


>> Submission to the Ministerial Inquiry into Public Passenger Transport (2003)

>> M4 East EIS (2004)

>> Parramatta Road Project(2004)

>> Metro Strategy (2004)

>> Edmundson Pk (2005)

>> Rozelle Tram Sheds (2005)

>> South West Rail Link (2005)

>> Sydney Ferries (2007)

>> Iron Cove Bridge (2008)

>> North West Metro (2008)

>> A submission on the Draft GreenWay Masterplan (2009) and notes to Council on the Final GreenWay Masterplan (2009)

>> CBD Metro Environmental Assessment (October 2009)

>> Submissions on the M5 Corridor Expansion proposal (March 2010)

>> A submission on the Sydney Light Rail – Inner West Extension Draft Report (June 2010). An addendum to the submission was a proposal for the City West Cycle-Link (June 2010) which would provide a grade-separated connection between Darley Road at Lilyfield and the Anzac Bridge cycleway at White Bay. As proposed, the City West Cycle-Link does not require the use of the rail formation through the Lilyfield rail cutting. The proposal includes a pedestrian and cycling subway and tunnel under the City West Link Road, running from Darley Road in the west, to Derbyshire Road in the east, and connecting to local streets.

>> A submission on the October 2010 Environmental Assessment for the Sydney Light Rail Extension - Stage 1 – Inner West Extension.

>> Submission to the Barangaroo Review (20 June 2011).

The submission from EcoTransit Sydney can be downloaded here. The companion briefing paper providing an overview of the White Bay Green Link can be downloaded here.

Papers by EcoTransit Members

Funding public transport development through land value capture programs
by Matt Doherty

The Macroeconomics of Cities
by Michelle Zeibots

Urban Roads as a Health Asset
by Chloe Mason