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Hell On Wheels

A vision for the future
Welcome to Hell on Wheels, the paper that leaps to the forefront of current debate on transport whenever a big development hits town. It's a campaigning newspaper that isn't affraid to reveal the big picture and tell the real story behind the plans for transport infrastructure development in Sydney.

EcoTransit Sydney Inc. has a vision for our city's future. This vision puts us squarely against all the bad practices and planning policies pursued by State government in the post war period. We oppose futher freeway and tollway development and spurn profligate use of the private motorcar. These policies have squandered precious open space and led to the decay of public transport and increasing air pollution. Without a decisive turn away from these policies Sydney faces a bleak future.

The first edition of Hell on Wheels was produced in October 1993. It tackled the hard issues surrounding construction of the M5 though Wolli Creek and the benefits of the alternate Airport Rail Link. Since that time Hell on Wheels has reported on the M2, M6, Eastern Distributor and Parramatta Rail Link proposals. We hope you enjoy our coverage and highlights from past editions!

issue 12 - February 2004

issue 11 - September 2003

issue 8 - October 2002*

issue 9 - March 2001

issue 7 - February 2001

issue 6 - February 2000 (not yet available)

issue 5 - January 1997 (not yet available)

issue 4 - November 1996 (not yet available)

issue 1 - October 1993

*edition numbers as they went to print