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Advocating for sustainable transport solutions in Sydney. Join us now!

Transport Modes

Modes are transport planner speak for 'types' of transport. Trains are one mode, buses are another, private cars are also a mode of transport (but one of the least efficient in most cases).

Current ETS Policy Document

Here is our current document. It is constantly under review and due for a brush up quite shortly.

M4 East Documents

These documents were collated by the groups involved in the campaign. We are indebted to the NSW Greens for their assistance in allowing several of these documents to see the light of day!


M4 East Information Leaflet
This leaflet was distributed in the affected suburbs during mid-1994.
>>View document

Solving Western Sydney's Transport Problems

How can we get Western Sydney onto the public transport map?

2006.01.01 Michael Duffy and Fat City

Did anyone find Michael Duffy's paen to MacLiving in MacMansionland, with MacReligion and MacPolitics thrown in for Macfulfillment, as gross and stupid as I did?

Cycleway Strategies

Suggestions for improving the uptake of cycleway projects and, most importantly, keeping them in the plans when the uproar begins!

Join EcoTransit Sydney

EcoTransit members are a diverse range of people from academic, technical and just plain "interested" backgrounds. They are people who see transport as a very important part of how our communities work and play. Becoming a member of EcoTransit gives you access to the most active grassroots transport groups in Sydney.

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