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Author: Ecotransit NSW


Slide 1 Agenda Drivers of Risks - A Snapshot Risk - Revenue Risk – Revenue vs Expenditure
2016-17 Estimates –$ millions Risk – Employment & Technology Change Risk – Employment Change Lessons from banking Risk – Planning
NSW Strategic Travel Model There will always be congestion But you can choose the type of congestion Risk – Planning Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Motivation Slide 15 Driverless
Mini-Buses To Do: Prioritise humans, businesses, then surface transit.  Frequency is more important than on-time running. Getting procurement wrong… Slide 20 Transform the network & land-use – do not reinforce it To Do:
Sydney Light Rail Network
To Do: Leverage the existing network.
Slide 24 Slide 25 To Do: Reform Parking To Do: Reform fares To Do: Reform road usage changes and motorway payments Prepare for an Unknown Future To Do: Support Robotic Freight Shipping to Regions To Do: Reform road usage changes and motorway payments