NSW Government steals Western Sydney’s future with over-priced light rail

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EcoTransit Sydney – Media Release: NSW Government steals Western Sydney’s future with over-priced light rail (8 December 2015)

Ecotransit Sydney today welcomed the government building one quarter of the Parramatta light rail network. However the community is staggered by the massive cost of such a small start. With a massive initial estimate and so little detail, taxpayers are left concerned that this is yet another open ended honey pot for the construction industry.

“The government’s plan would create just 16km of Light Rail and cost a staggering $2 billion dollars. The NSW Government continue to over-inflate the cost of light rail ” Said Mathew Hounsell of Ecotransit . “Voters in Western Sydney are left wondering if this is another empty promise. Westconnex is the only project this government has committed to funding.”

“Why isn’t the government converting the whole Carlingford line to Light Rail and connecting it to the nearby Granville Transport Interchange? Running Light Rail from Granville to Carlingford would allow students from the south and east quickly and easily reach the University at Rydalmere. Light Rail from Granville to Westmead would save patients with mobility issues yet another long pointless journey to change modes.”

“Western Sydney needs all four lines of the 23km Parramatta Light network. Large multi-national employers at Macquarie Park have been begging for a rail connection to Parramatta and Granville so they can access the talent in Sydney’s South-West.”

“Moving the Department of Education to Parramatta will rule out a career in public service for education employees who live in the Northern Beaches, Eastern, and Southern suburbs. The loss of access to employees in so many eastern suburbs will devastate the department’s operations. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is moving back to Sydney CBD because it is the only area served by decent public transport.”

Duncan Gay stated the government could levy $2.9 billion in value capture. From 5,500 new units that would mean a levy of $500,000 per unit.

“The so-called Westconnex toll-road will cost over $25 billion dollars before it is completed. It is designed to connect the Northern Beaches to the Airport and the Southern Beaches to North Sydney. Funding should be diverted from the Westconnex boondoggle to the full Parramatta Light Rail Network. A light rail network throughout Sydney would ease congestion, provide employers greater access to the labour pool, and reduce pollution. ”

“The NSW Government’s commitment to over-engineered over-priced privately-owned transport monopolies is starving Western Sydney of the good low cost light rail network it desperately needs.” said Mathew Hounsell co-convenor of Ecotransit

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