Sydney and the Road to Nowhere

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Sydney and the Road to Nowhere: video by Cameron Schwarz

Thanks to everyone making a difference at the Australian Cyclists Party, the Australian Greens, the Green Left Weekly, Clover Moore, the Socialist Alliance, the City of Sydney; EcoTransit, Michelle Zeibots & Peter Newman; and of course the Westconnex action groups and all of the amazing protesters in the footage of this video including my friends Rachel Evans & Chris Lego.

Tram footage taken from: ‘Shooting Through: Sydney by Tram’, Cartoon Street Car from: ‘Adam Ruins Everything – Adam Ruins Cars’

Select footage from: The Stringer – ‘Westconnex Motorway Report’ & from GreenLeftTV – ‘Sydney Protests Against the WestConnex Project’, & from 1willotube – ‘Better Think Again WestCONnex’

Music: ‘Stanley/Frank/Linda’s Breakdown’ – Jon Brion