Dharawal Line – a better rail solution for Western Sydney Airport


NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced on Friday 12-mar-2019 that, if re-elected on 23 March 2019, her government would continue the dismemberment and privatisation of Sydney’s rail system by building yet more Metro lines using driverless, single deck trains.  Her proposed service for Western Sydney Airport, at Badgerys Creek, would force people to change trains at St Marys for a trip between the Sydney CBD and the new airport.

Bob Schroeder, Co-Convenor of EcoTransit commented: “There can only be two reasons for the Gladys Berejiklian-led LNP Government want to re-introduce the equivalent of the pre-colonial railway days of break of gauge, and that is 
1) privatisation of Sydney’s suburban train network and 
2) destruction of the rail unions.”

EcoTransit  believes that Sydney needs sensible, cross-city rail links, to enable more people to travel to and from work, school and leisure activities.  But the new cross-city links need to be heavy rail lines, serviced by Sydney’s famous and practical double deck trains, which can link with all the existing routes on the Sydney Trains Network.
One of EcoTransit‘s recently announced proposals includes a new line connecting with the Western Line at St Marys, linking to Western Sydney Airport, and then onto Leppington. Named the Dharawal Line to honour the First Australians who lived in that part of western and south western Sydney, it  will provide a direct link between Sydney’s 2 international airports, as well as a significantly shorter journey time to the Sydney CBD, without forcing any clumsy, time consuming change of trains. 
The Dharawal Line would also provide a link to the main Southern Line south of Macarthur that, with the completion of the Maldon-Dombarton line, would remove freight trains coming over the Blue Mountains from the congested Sydney suburban trains network.

EcoTransit believes that any new line built between the Sydney CBD to Parramatta should be double deck standard. Colin Schroeder, Co-Convenor of EcoTransit, said today, “I call upon whoever is elected to govern NSW on 23-mar-2019 to sit down and commence genuine public consultation on future expansion of Sydney’s rail network, to ensure the people who need to travel on public transport get the most benefits, not the ‘top end of town’ mates of the LNP, such as MTR (Hong Hong) and Transurban“.

John Young