Eternity Cafe at Sydney Central Station

EcoTransit has a monthly meeting usually on the first Saturday of the month close to Central Station.  But the existing cafe venue for meetings has rather a lot of background noise which makes it difficult for members with any hearing problems.  It is also a 7-8 minute walk from Central Station.

So, this Saturday we are going to try a new venue – the fabulous Eternity Cafe, which is located in the former Booking Hall at Central Station, just off the main concourse where the Country Trains used to arrive and depart.  Stand in front of the big digital Arrivals/Departures board and Eternity Cafe is then right behind you!


These wonderful stained glass windows face onto the main concourse of Central Station.


Banquet seats and long communal tables on the southern side of Eternity Café.


Western elevation of Sydney Central Station.


If you are coming to the meeting you will find us in the narrow space behind the bars and cafe.  It is semi-private and will allow people to concentrate on the meeting, rather than the spectacular architecture of the former Main Booking Hall, which has been beautifully restored by the owners of the cafe business.


Meeting space for EcoTransit will be in the north side of the cafe, behind the bar, cafe and kitchen pod. We will arrange 2 or 3 tables in the centre, subject to the number of attendees on Saturday 6-apr-2019 at 11:00 – 13:00


John Young