October 19, 2015


cropped-EcoTransit_Sydney2.jpgEcoTransit is transport that supports a sustainable economy and environment. The less resources used by the transport sector, the more efficient our economy is and the less damage is done to the environment.

Public transport, walking and cycling fit these criteria. Urban freeway development that entrenches prolific car use does not support EcoTransit based economies and cities.

EcoTransit Sydney is a public transport advocacy group operating out of Sydney. We are a not-for profit organisation made up of volunteers dedicated to the promotion of EcoTransit development.

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We advocate improving Sydney’s local environment by shifting transport from invasive modes like the private motor car that produce high levels of air, noise and water pollution to the less polluting public transport modes.

We are also dedicated to the preservation of Sydney’s natural environment and heritage areas.

EcoTransit Sydney members are consultants, academics, trainspotters, bus drivers, commuters, cyclists, engineers, planners and combinations of all of the above.

Ecotransit Sydney committee members

  • Co-convenor – Colin Schroeder
  • Co-convenor – Nathan English
  • Treasurer – Delilah Slack Smith
  • Secretary – John Bignucolo
  • Public Officer – Scott Yandell

Join EcoTransit Sydney

EcoTransit Sydney members are a diverse range of people from academic, technical and just plain interested backgrounds. They are people who see transport as a very important part of how our communities work and play. Becoming a member of EcoTransit Sydney gives you access to the most active grassroots transport groups in Sydney. It also provides opportunities to get active on transport issues in your own area.

Membership has Benefits

  • Discussion List: Members can also participate in daily discussions of policy and technical issues.
  • Announcement List: Members can choose to receive more limited information about events and opportunities.
  • Campaign Meetings: Members are the core of our active campaigns. Meetings are held once a month over lunch.

Donate to EcoTransit Sydney

EcoTransit Sydney is a volunteer organisation that relies on the hard work of busy people. Offers of time and expertise are warmly welcomed.

You can also do your bit for sustainable public transport and active transport by helping to support our work through a tax-deductible donation. Donations of over $2 can be made by cheque, money order or direct deposit to EcoTransit Sydney Public Gift Fund. Non tax-deductible donations, which greatly assist EcoTransit Sydney in defraying its unavoidable administration costs, are also gratefully received.