Creating Metro South


No sane Government would cannibalise two existing heavy rail lines with high quality double deck trains and convert them to a single deck metro with less than half the number of seats. This is, however, what is happening in Sydney with the Epping to Chatswood Line and the Sydenham to Bankstown Line being consumed into the Sydney Metro.

It’s too late to save the Epping to Chatswood Line but not too late to cancel the South West Metro and build the South Metro instead. The South Metro would divert the Metro from Sydenham, away from the Bankstown Line, to Miranda, via San Souci and Taren Point.


Fig. 1 Map of proposed South Metro, Sydenham – Sydney Airport – Sans Souci – Miranda.


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EcoTransit’s Metro South Proposal 


Colin Schroeder
EcoTransit Sydney