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Priority Projects

ETS_projectmapThis map contains some of the projects EcoTransit Sydney is advocating for that will combine around the Parramatta-Sydney-Airport corridor to relieve congestion and support our city.

Use what we have

Cycling: Now completed: two-way separated cycleway along Kent Street between Liverpool Street and Druitt Street.

Sustainable alternative to expanding the M5 MotorwayEcoTransit Sydney – Australian Conservation Foundation 9 point transport plan: a sustainable alternative to expanding the M5 Motorway.

Railway Capacity – Two More TracksThrough a series of incremental upgrades we can boost the capacity of the rail network to meet the 100,000 new jobs expected in Sydneys CBD. Upgrade the Southern Entry to Central, restore the Harbour Bridge, build the essential second city crossing.

Upgrade to higher capacity

Light rail is a popular and high capacity public transport solution that integrates into urban environments.

Pippita Centre: Pippita City Express provides a useful central node in the cities transport mesh network. First it will provide express trains from Olympic Park to the CBD. Second it will remove the senseless termination of Olympic Park services as a shuttle.

Parramatta Road Light Rail: The Parramatta Road Light Rail will distribute people throughout the densely populated inner west, and to the many services and attractors like universities, shops, hospital, businesses and parks. As well as connect them to major transport hubs and cross-regional transport services.

Parramatta City Council’s Western Sydney Light Rail Network: Parramatta City Council has published a feasibility study into the proposed Western Sydney Light Rail Network, which is designed to drastically improve transport links throughout Western Sydney and meet the challenges posed by the projected rise in population in the region in the coming decades.

Artist Impression of Parramatta Road Light Rail
Artist Impression of Parramatta Road Light Rail

Build What We Need

Sydney Light Rail Orbital – Southern SectionBy providing a new cross-radial link between the existing inner west and south-west heavy rail lines, it will improve public transport access from South-West Sydney to major trip generators in South-East and Central Sydney. South-East and Central Sydney contain important transport, educational and health centres that are difficult to reach via public transport.

Sydney Light Rail Orbital – Northern SectionThe White Bay Green Link (WBGL) concept is a combined light rail route and cycleway running from Lilyfield light rail stop to the Barangaroo precinct and the northern CBD via the existing, now unused, White Bay rail corridor and a tunnel beneath the Balmain Peninsula and under Darling Harbour

This new route would create a direct express corridor (or ‘arc’) from the inner west to the northern and central CBD and would act as the spine on which a more comprehensive light rail and cycling network would, by steps, serve a widening commuter catchment.

High Speed Rail

Very fast trains, high speed rail, inter city express, Australia needs to build a high-speed high-capacity rail network to connect the major eastern cities. The first route Sydney to Canberra is feasible now, and would serve to remove flights every hour from Kingsford Smith and buses every hour from Central Station.

Designed and built by competent engineers this network can be roilled out using existing infrastructure. For example the route from Sydney to Canberra does not need a 40km tunnel – it can use the East Hills Express line and travel straight to central on existing infrequently used tracks.

Connect Regional Australia: Continuous incremental improvement to deliver Regional Fast Rail is an effective way to build fast connections to all our regional centres; not just to Canberra.