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Unfinished Business – The Kyeemagh–Chullora Road Inquiry and the future of Sydney

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Video: Gavin Gatenby & David Kirby, QC, BA, LLB. on WestConnex & history repeating.

The Fifth Estate: Unfinished Business – The Kyeemagh-Chullora Road Inquiry and the future of Sydney (2 July 2015)

In the late 1970s in Sydney it was the South-West freeway, now the M5, that drew heavy opposition. Today it’s the WestConnex, but as far as EcoTransit Sydney’s Gavin Gatenby is concerned the fundamentals have not changed.

Gatenby, no stranger to agitation on behalf of more equitable and sustainable outcomes, has interviewed former NSW Supreme Court judge David Kirby, who conducted a thorough review of radial freeways on behalf of the NSW government at the time, starting in 1979.

Kirby’s conclusion, unsurprisingly, was that radial freeways should be avoided. Read more.