WestConnex: Greiner’s folly – Part 1: A project overtaken by events

Nick Greiner’s WestConnex proposal would cost at least $15 billion and take more than a decade to complete. In this video series EcoTransit Sydney will show that that would be time and money tragically wasted. This video explains how per-capita vehicle use has fallen to the level of 20 years ago and total vehicle kilometres Read more about WestConnex: Greiner’s folly – Part 1: A project overtaken by events[…]

Unfit for purpose

In 2012 NSW’s O’Farrell Government announced that Sydney’s long-awaited North West Rail Link would proceed, but only as a metro-style, privatised operation. In addition, the Epping-Chatswood tunnel and its stations would be modified so that it could not be used by modern double-deck suburban trains. Continue reading “Unfit for purpose” »

WasteConnex – Infrastructure NSW’s highest priority project

WasteConnex is THE highest priority project for construction, consulting and finance. Thirty-three kilometres of tollways will transform tollway revenue collection and provide vital state support for Leightons Lend Lease, Evans & Peck, Transurban and Macquarie Bank. WestConnex will suck $10 billion out of public transport and freight rail projects and deliver it to big construction, Read more about WasteConnex – Infrastructure NSW’s highest priority project[…]

Two more tracks: How to boost Sydney’s commuter rail capacity

Sydneysiders are trying to get out of their cars and onto public transport but the city’s most important public transport system is at capacity. Two additional tracks across the Harbour Bridge and under the CBD will boost capacity by 50 per cent. The cheapest, quickest, simplest solution is to restore the two rail tracks that were Read more about Two more tracks: How to boost Sydney’s commuter rail capacity[…]

The Sydney rail costs rip-off

Radio 2UE’s Stuart Bocking talks to EcoTransit Sydney Convenor Gavin Gatenby on 19 June 2012 about overcosting of rail projects in NSW. The interview covers the South West Rail Link and North West Rail Link projects and compares them to other notable rail projects. Media coverage continues with Elizabeth Farrelly covering the overcosting issue SMH: Read more about The Sydney rail costs rip-off[…]

Let’s get the fast train to Newcastle

The ability to travel seamlessly from Sydney’s CBD right into Newcastle’s historic business, retail, and entertainment precinct is a priceless advantage that should be the making of Newcastle. Unfortunately, the Baird Government is insanely determined to rip up the last, vital, 2.5 km of track and sell the land to their developer mates. By best Read more about Let’s get the fast train to Newcastle[…]

The great rail infrastructure rip-off

EcoTransit Sydney’s Gavin Gatenby shows that new rail infrastructure costs in New South Wales have spiralled out of control over the last decade … to the point where prices are several times greater in NSW than they are elsewhere in Australia and internationally.