EcoTransit needs your feedback!

EcoTransit networks with other transport advocacy groups in rural and regional NSW, not just in Sydney.  Therefore we are keen to know about:-

  • EcoTransit wants to know the broader transport issues in your area
  • how the NSW transport planning bureaucracy is impacting your local communities
  • what extra resources you might find helpful in your group
  • what your group has learnt in past campaigns and projects
  • how we can share this information with others facing similar problems.


EcoTransit has lines of communication with all the major political parties. Some of them even ask us for proposals and feedback!   EcoTransit wants to support all your relevant issues with Government. By supporting your own submissions, as a peak transport advocacy group, 

  • we can increase the chances of the NSW taking notice of your issues.   
  • We can reinforce you own submission by setting it in the NSW context for transport planning.
  • We can secure wider public awareness of the impact that current NSW Government policies are having on communities and what communities what to see changed.
  • We have the channels to communicate transport issues with the 2 major parties,  the minor parties and even the Independents.


While our own people resources are finite to help with every campaign as much as we would like to do so, we are also keen to put you in touch with Subject Matter Experts (SME) in all the major types of transport, including trains, buses, light rail, ferries, bicycles and even pedestrian transport. EcoTransit  may also be aware of another group or individual who have been facing similar problems to yours.

Sometimes EcoTransit are able to assist you with providing a broad framework of transport planning, while you focus your limited resources on more local issues and specialist problems.

EcoTransit to pull together the broader picture on planning issues across the state and identify key issues raised on the state’s planning agenda. To do this we welcome your feedback!  And of course we will be pleased to share our own information resources with you, where relevant.

For more information

If you have feedback please contact us initially by email to yindi1951@gmail.com or a text message to 0407 940 943 and we will endeavour to respond within 12 hours.